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Fertility Management Services

Progressive Farms Fertility Management Services (FMS) use category-specific protocols and custom soil and water testing to develop easily implemented recommendations to improve Fertility and increase the overall efficiency and long term profitability of all types of agricultural / horticultural operations.


Our Fertility Management Services (FMS) programs are custom designed for specific sectors of agronomy including Farmers, Container Nurseries / Greenhouses, Ranchers, Landscapers, Turfgrass Professionals and Hydroponic / Aquaponic Growers.  FMS programs are flexible and affordable for all sizes of agricultural operations.


progressive farms fertility management services


Our FMS Programs…

Each of our category-specific Fertility Management Services Programs generally follows this six step framework:


  1. Comprehensive Operations Survey & Client Evaluation
  2. Soil Testing
  3. Irrigation Water Testing
  4. Recommendations
  5. Follow-up and Re-Testing
  6. Additional Recommendations, as needed


All of FMS Programs are for one year (12 months) with two rounds of soil testing – 5-8 months apart, except for our Landscapers FMS Program which is priced per landscape job with volume discounts for multiple landscape jobs over a one year period (12 months).


Each of our seven FMS Programs is customized to meet the needs of a specific category of agricultural/horticultural operations. If you have questions about which FMS Program is best for your operations, please contact us directly by telephone or email.


Our FMS Reccomendations…


Our recommendations are based on our unique, proven BioEnergetic approach to soil fertility and agriculture. BioEnergetic Agriculture goes beyond the common principles of organic and conventional agriculture and integrates the biological, chemical, physical and energetic properties, processes and forces at work in your soil, water and plants that work synergistically in natural living systems


All the products needed for implementation of our recommendations are safe and suitable for organic agricultural production.


Our combined experience of over a decade of fertility testing with a wide range of commercial growing operations indicates that when our recommendations are properly implemented over one or more production cycles, significant benefits and savings can be generated thru higher quality production and reduced costs of primary nutrients, water, weed control and pest control.


For more information about our Fertility Management Service programs, please click on the image below that fits your category.


Our FMS Contract Work…


In addition, for unique growing operations that do not easily fit these seven programs and for special studies, projects or workshops, Progressive Farms also offers Contract Fertility Management Services.  Our Contract Services are based on a mutually developed Scope of Work/Working Agreement and are priced on a Fixed Price – Not to Exceed Basis -- over a specified time frame. Contract Fertility Management Services Contracts typically range from $500 to $25,000.


Please contact us directly by telephone at 1-800-416-1109 M-F 9am-5pm EST or email for more information about Contract Fertility Management Services.


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