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Secrets of the Soil, by Tomkins & Byrd

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Secrets of the Soil, by Tomkins & Byrd

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A revolutionary book that describes beautifully the greater world around us through agriculture. Nothing could be more important.


This book will enhance and/or change your view of the natural world. From the proper use of rocks to attract healing and growth powers inherent in the earth (Chapter 15), to instructions on proper composting to increase necessary bacteria and enzyme composition (Chapter 4), to understanding how important microbes and earthworms are to your dinner plate (Chapter 5), you will increase your understanding of your garden, and how to work with the magnificent energies of nature. Learn about the power of the vortex in water, biodynamic methods, the role of weeds in agriculture, and other BioEnergetic concepts that growers can use to stimulate Nature’s inherent self-nurturing and self-healing powers.