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The EAT Project

EvanEvan Folds, Founder & President of Progressive Farms, conducts a weekly webinar series for the Ecolonomics Action Team, or EAT as we like to call it. The session is live every Wednesday at 6pm EST and is called Progressive Farming & BioEnergetics


Evan presents valuable information on regenerative agriculture, soil testing, compost tea, activated water, hydroponics, and much more. Plus, he invites special guests from time to time to broaden the content.


Please join us, membership is FREE and there are opportunities to become an Elite EAT member if you are interested. And there is world-class information being shared from people like Mark Sheperd of Restoration Agriculture, Wayne Dorband on Alpacas and Aquaponics, and more. Register for Evan's session directly by following this link: CLICK HERE


To learn more about EAT and become an EAT FREE member, follow this link: CLICK HERE


Hope to see you on a webinar soon!