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Growing Results

BE Agriculture LogoOur products, protocols, and systems work as fertilizers and microbial inoculants that everyone is familiar with, but they also work on levels rarely addressed by popular science. We realize the controversial nature of some of these concepts relative to current academic understandings and take great effort to document our results through lab testing where available, and particularly growing results. 


If you have achieved stellar results with our products please send us your images and videos!


Product Side-by-Side's

Here are two examples of how ideal nutrition and the presence of beneficial soil microbes saves water. The two images on the left were both planted in good organic potting soil and grown to relative maturity.The flat on the left is the control and the flat on the right received weekly applications of our compost tea recipe at a 1:4 ratio (compost tea concentrate:water). The respective  images were taken after four days of not receiving water.


Save Water


The image on the right is the same experiment replicated with Earth Recharge and Earth Tonic as an "instant compost tea". We work with everyone from homeowners who want to eliminate irrigation to acreage commodity farmers looking to help their bottom line by saving water.  


Lettuce Without TeaLettuce With Tea

 Recharge/Tonic vs Control













Growth Benefits 


All of our products can be used on their own in any gardening applicaiton. Here you see results using Earth Syrup and Earth Kelp as direct soil amendments. 


Earth Syrup vs ControlEarth Kelp vs Control

 Recharge vs Control


The image on the left are some rows of collards, which row do you think got weekly applications of our compost tea recipe?


The image on the right is a bok choy side-by-side with Earth Recharge.


Collards Compost Tea

 Recharge vs Control

















Earth Tonic Foliar


Earth Tonic makes a great foliar spray. Note the concentration applied, due to its natural balance of living, global, and ancient sea minerals it is much more forgiving, and actually results int he use of less NPK-based fertilizer in the garden. 

 Earth Tonic Foliar































Earth Tonic for Compost Tea 


Earth Tonic contains all Earth-bound elements, so acts as an enzyme catalyst for microbes. Every element has an enzyme potential. Without all elements microbes cannot make all enzymes. in the image on the left the same compost tea recipe was used in both buckets and Earth Tonic was added to the bucket on the left at the rate of 0.5 oz (by volume) per 5 gallons. Foam occured first in the Earth Tonic sample, and the contents were pourred out in a mason jar for inspection after four hours. In the image on the right you can see the increased biomass with your eyes in the sample on the left that received Earth Tonic. Earth Tonic is a clear solution, and while this is anecdotal evidence, the experiment has been replicated several times, and is indirect evidence of the benefits of total micronutrient catalyzation of soil microbes in compost tea. 


 Earth Tonic Mason JarEarth Tonic Foam














Lawn Care Before & After


The image on the left was taken in March and the middel image was taken only seven months later after weekly applications of our compost tea concentrate at a rate of 80 gallons per acre. The image on the right is ov the root system after the season of applications. 


Laney BEFORELaney AFTERLaney Roots














Earth Compound & Compost Tea Horse Stall Experiment

Horse StallHorse Stall Site


Following is a study we did for a horse stall bedding company in order to illustrate the effectiveness of Earth Compound and our compost tea recipe to enhance the quality of their back end composting operation. The bedding company was seeking to turn horse and bedding waste from a horse track into a sellable compost product and we were consulting them in this process.

Their bedding material was created from boxes that were being recycled for not meeting the specifications of the shipper. Rather than having them discarded, this company purchased them at very low cost and distributed them in 4 cu. ft. bags for use as horse bedding.

Three 14’ x 14’ horse stalls were used to collect the organic matter. Each stall was used to generate a unique pile of organic matter consisting of recycled cardboard and the urea & manure from the horses. The stalls were emptied daily into their respective piles with one 4 cuft bag of horse stall bedding added to each stall after daily clean up. The piles were left outside in the weather and were not turned over the course of the four month study in order to ensure identical conditions.


The experiment was set up as follows:

RED = Control
GREEN = 1/3 cup of Earth Compound added to each bag of bedding
BLUE = Same as GREEN, but sprayed with our compost tea recipe


Here are the results:


Horse Stall Mineral 


Below are some points of analysis of the data..

Dry WeightThe dry weight represents the relative moisture of the sample. The lower the dry weight the more moisture present. The RED control pile was not inoculated with microbes from Earth Compound. It had a very low dry weight, meaning it was extremely wet.

This type of dry weight is seen in poor soil conditions where there are very few soil microbes due to the matyerial being inert, land development, or the use of man-made fertilizers and biocides. Simply placing Earth Compound in the bedding bag before it was distributed resulted in a perfect 50:50 air:water ratio on the BLUE and GREEN variables.


Active vs. Total #’s: Note how the active and total bacteria, fungi and protozoa (flagellates, amoeba, ciliates) numbers are much lower on the piles treated with Earth Compound. This is an indication that the composting process is stable and finished in the BLUE and GREEN piles. Remember, this is after four months, the large numbers in the RED control pile are not an indication that there are more microbes present at their peak, simply that they are having a much harder time doing their job and not finished yet. 


Beneficial Nematode #’s: These are the same beneficial nematodes sold to control fleas and grubs in farming and residential landscapes. The RED pile will have higher numbers due to its slow biological decomposition, but note how high the beneficial nematode numbers are for the BLUE compost tea pile relative to the GREEN pile. The BLUE variable received our compost tea recipe, which allows for the growth of beneficial organisms over and above what is possible in passive compost.

Here is another variable for consideration that was not included in the study, but provides a good baseline for comparison in regards to bulk compost products. The “Bedding” material in the below assay was sequestered from one of the largest handlers of organic matter in the US who was selling this material as "compost". Their sales literature said all the right things, communicating the many wonders and benefits of using compost on plants and how high the numbers are of beneficial microbes.


But the result of the biological test tells a different story.


Horse Stall Bedding


Note that the protozoa - consisting of flagellates, amoeba, and ciliates - is entirely absent in this biological test. This is a definitive sign of inferior “compost”. In fact,  this “compost” is not even compost. This is the equivalent to most commercial compsot on the market, it is mulch with some urea fertilizer in it. It is created turning, steam heating, and other oxidative processes in order to stablize. It may look the part, but it is far from what we need for the desired result in the garden.  

Make the connection that humans don’t make compost, microbes do. It’s called humus, or the lowest decomposed state of organic matter. Humus = plant food. This is how Black Cow Compost can be sold at hardware stores for $1 a gallon. It’s not humus, its simply aged manure. It was created by anerobic gut microbes, soil microbes have not had their way with it yet. 


We know very little about the soil food web and the universe in the ground. As Leonardo da Vinci was quoted as saying, “We know more about the movement of celestial bodies than about the soil underfoot.”


The best way to experience the power of our products and systems is to try them yourself. There is no replacement for intention and experience. As Rudolf Steiner, the founder of BioDynamic Agriculture once said, “Human beings want to receive everything passively, to sit down in front of the world as though it were a movie, and let the microscope and telescope tell them everything.”


Happy Growing.