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Testimonials from a few of our customers…


“I have been into brewing compost tea for a long time. Your Microbe Maker Compost Tea System is superior to all competitors.”


Aaron Bryan
Eureka, CA


“The Microbe Maker is absolutely revolutionary.  I would put it up against any other kind of brewer on the market.  Nothing else stands up next to it, hands down.”


Sammy Akins, CA



Using your compost tea, fertilizers, and Soil Test & Rx process our results are increasing exponentially. I am carrying 7 cow units per acre as opposed to traditional 1/5 cow unit per acre. Total of 28,500 lbs of beef on 4 acres as opposed to 800 lbs on 5 acres. Yes it has improved greatly with your products. I would say your products have increased production of grass and therefore beef. I will see in the next year how "we" do. Hopefully, we can increase to about 35,000 lbs per 4 acres. I will be doing another soil test soon.”


Ed Waldron, Groesbeck, TX



Love my Microbe Maker! It's such a party inside, I'm sometimes tempted to jump in!”


Stacie Luciana, CA



“Standing ovation! It's only been a couple of weeks since you treated our front lawn with your "natural approach" and already our neighbors are calling to ask what we're doing to make our lawn look so great. You're a miracle worker. I can't thank you enough. We tried four different lawn care companies in four years - all of whom do the same thing with liquid fertilizers and weed killers. Their treatments apparently don't work. But your "natural approach" treatment works!”


Joel Werblow
Wilmington, NC 



Progressive Farms products are like no other! Never in my life have I seen a product that can be applied to such a variety of plants with this magnitude of results. This product is truly remarkable. 


I am so pleased that an old concept created by Rudolf Steiner in the early 1900's is coming back into the limelight through Progressive Farms products. Biodynamics is an old concept but with the implementation of the Microbe Maker and the great line of products created by Progressive Farms, the organic revolution has a chance. What a concept, using plants to fulfill the nutrient needs with underlying undertones of cosmic and etheric energies at play.


My journey with Progressive Farms started about four years ago. I had been a carpenter for six years previously, but with the times changing there wasn't that much work to be found. So I decided to get back to my roots, and started planting anything I could get my hands on. Thus I began reading every gardening book I could find and talking with anyone that would extend their knowledge to me. 


After countless hours and multiple trips to various gardening centers I found Progressive Farm’s product line. My friends at the store steered me towards Progressive Farm’s products by giving me a gallon of this wonderful compost tea. The results were unbelievable, my prayer plant quadrupled in size almost overnight. I was so amazed that the next day I went and bought Rudolf Steiner’s book, "What Is Biodynamics, A Way To Heal And Revitalize The Earth,"  to help me understand the inner workings of why Progress Earth products worked so well. 


Since that day I have been sold on Biodynamics and have continued tirelessly on research into this wonderful etheric cosmic world of Rudolf Steiner. Because of Progressive Farms I am currently pursuing a career in farming. This spring my goal is to have my first field of hops growing. I know with Progressive Farms behind me that I will be able to create the best hops ever produced in Colorado.  


In my first experiment with Progressive Farms nutrient line, on a farming level, was a 7 acre corner of a grass alfalfa hay field. I put a light dusting of the Earth Recharge and sprayed on one 60 gallon batch of tea, diluted down to a 1 to 10 gallon ratio. The cost was comparable to synthetics that are currently used. Synthetics cost around 70 dollars an acre for just the fertilizer at face value but the detrimental effect that it has to the ecology of the farms soil is far more expensive price to pay than its face value and as oil keeps going up so will cost of synthetic NPK! 


For example, I about cried when I started on the hops field because I was digging up a whole acre and there wasn't a single worm to be found! If that doesn't shout out at people that chemical farming is wrong then I do not know what will. It has been a battle but my father, a lifelong synthetic farmer, was in disbelief with the non-existence of the invertebrate population and is beginning to believe that there is something to this Biodynamic thing. 


As for the results, the small parcel with Progressive Farms inoculate almost out performed our 17 acre field. There was 2.5 stacker loads of hay on the 17 acre versus the 1.75 loads on the 7 acre plot. Amazing! Thank you Progresive Farms, not just for your products but your beliefs. Revelations of change start with ideals and your company has set the ground work for the progress of man, to heal our earth!




Sam Eubanks
Longmont, CO



 “I like the Microbe Maker Compost Tea System because it's super easy to use. Their tea is some of the best compost tea I have ever worked with.”


Craige Furbay
Northern Light and Garden
Beaverton, OR



Your tea has proven to me to be one, if not the MOST important tool in my garden!   I wasn't using though before (only 1 gallon per 55 gallon reservoir). Now I use 5 to 10 gallons per reservoir like you said and  the results are out of this world!!!! I need to place an immediate order right now for the 400 gallon kit! I'm also turning on all my grower friends into Microbe Maker tea fanatics, I want to represent your company here in Puerto Rico. :-)” 


Puerto Rico



“The First Word that Comes to Mind When I Think About the Microbe Maker is WOW!!!


I have been making compost tea for the last five years with the Growing Solutions brewer and in that time I used it to supplement my nutrient program, and in the last few years I've used it more as a base.


I have had my eye on a Microbe Maker and decided to try it out. First off if you’re contemplating buying one do it. If you haven't seen or heard of it check it out.


The brewer and the line of products they offer is top notch. I am able to perpetually run it and have compost tea at any time I need it, without having to worry about using it all or having to clean it after every use. 


And the amount of inputs is much less than any other brewer, and once you do you initial brew you need minimal inputs to "feed" your microbes. 


And let me say what I have been creating with this brewer is like nothing I've ever seen or heard of. Let's just say the plants and I are happier than ever. I love my Microbe Maker. Best product I have used in a long time!


Thanks for providing a place to get these wonderful products.”


Mike Konek


“It makes a good grower great and a great grower a legit green thumb.”


Joe Phillips
Issaquah, WA



“I purchased a Microbe Maker compost tea brewing system and was very excited as to see if compost tea really works. So I got the brewer and read the included materials. After reading I was ready to brew a batch of tea. 


Got everything going and started thinking about an eggplant and jalapeno plant I had growing in my garden. They weren’t forming very well so I decided that they would be my test to see if this product works. So after 24 hours I put some around each plant and when I checked the next day. The results were almost magic. The plants were much greener and looked so much healthier. So within a week or so we began harvesting jalapenos by the hand full. This product is amazing and I am so glad that I found Progressive Farms. 


So hands down Progressive Farm’s compost tea is very valuable for the success of a vegetable garden no matter how big or small the space. So if you’re not using compost tea you are really missing out on a fantastic product. So go and get some and see for your own eyes the magic of compost tea. This product is superior.”


Sam Mcgee
Garden Tea
Dothan, AL



First off, thank you for your interest in me.  Never have I had a company show so much interest in there customers.  My testimonial is simple and the results are documented. Progressive Farms products really work.


My hay field has customer care, in that someone else cuts, bales and removes.  I used to keep my hay for animals.  Those years are passed, but the field still remains.  Now that other people use my hay, I have a different view of healthy nutrition for animals. 


I saw my field and neighbors fields slowly loosing production. These fields were receiving synthetic fertilizers.  This action prompted me to evaluate my field’s health. After lots of book reading I found the simple truth in the soil and microbiology.  Then came the process of finding BioDynamic inoculants. A hydroponic store showed me a compost tea kit in a box from Progressive Farms. After that first try, I was sold.


Other competitors products can get complicated.  Progressive Farms products are simple to build a recipe, yet detailed enough for the professional grower.  


Last season growth and yield from our hay field almost doubled after 2 applications of Progressive Farms made in 5 gallon buckets.  This season is matching last year for harvesting bales of hay. Last season and this season both, our family is eating fresh produce, it's August 2nd. Our neighbors pepper field hasn't fruited yet 


I can break the recipe down, or double it up. Simple knowledge of small measurements is all that's required. The balance of nutrients lends itself as a standalone complete nutrient system.  


I personally boasted Progressive Farms products to my local hydroponics store and asked for stocking their products.  The store owner thanked me well for introducing him to BioDynamic inoculants.  Best products on the market for a complete base nutrient system.


Thanks again for showing interest in me, the little guy who's trying to do it right.


Canyon City, CO



“I’ve  found that the Microbe Maker ingredients stabilize the pH of my regular nutrients longer than my normal reservoirs. On the days when I don't brew compost tea, I use my Microbe Maker to mix my nutrients.  I mix a 75 Gallon batch in my MP85 and have noticed that the pH stays stable much longer than the nutrients that I mix in standard reservoirs.  The normal reservoirs usually need to be pH adjusted after 24 hours, but not the nutrients that are mixed in my Microbe Maker."


AK's Consulting
Long Beach, CA



“Hello everyone my name is Dave Driscoll. Well words cannot say the results you get from this wonder. I have been growing for over 4 years now. I have spent THOUSANDS of $$$$$$$$$$$$ on the so called man made nutes. I am 60 years young and I have been told all my life seeing is believing well after 2 brews I AM A BELIEVER. 


This is the greatest thing I could have ever added to my operation. When you can SEE A GREAT CHANGE in your GARDEN you too will become a believer. Once again words cannot say Thank You enough. I now need to know how to purchase the largest size of Earth Compound, Earth Tonic, Earth Syrup and Earth Kelp. With the short trial it was enough for me to change my feeding. I now will feed my garden nothing but Compost Tea using the Perpetual Microbe Maker recipe. With a little help from some of them $$$$$$$$$$ I save. IT WORKS PEOPLE ;-)”


Dave Driscoll, MI



“We have a Perpetual Microbe Maker. Our customers get a free gallon with every purchase or they can purchase a gallon. They keep coming in for it. We love it and it really works.”


Pueblo Hydroponics and Organics
Pueblo, CO



“After spending countless hours and literally thousands of dollars on conventional fertilizers and lawn treatments I was still having problems with dead spots, weeds, and insects. 


I finally decided consult a professional. You came to my home for an evaluation and although I was skeptical at first, you knew exactly what to do and the results exceeded my expectations. I've gotten numerous compliments about my lawn. I only wish I had known about the natural approach a long time ago and I recommend you to everyone.”   


Jeff Stidham
Boiling Spring Lakes, NC



For my first 13 years of farming I was using organic fertilizers, but still having to manage disease with fungicides where necessary. When I started using compost tea the results I started getting were night and day. 


We run the Microbe Maker 3-4 times a week and I haven’t had to use fertilizer or fungicides at all in our high tunnels, which is unusual considering how high the humidity gets in the tunnels. I have been trying for a long time and when using the Microbe Maker and your products I have never seen such great results. 


I am 100% sold knowing that I have a solution for so many of the world’s problems. My only problem is that I wish I had a bigger Microbe Maker! Thanks Progressive Farms, you guys make me look really good.”


Nicolas Donck
Newborn, GA



“The Microbe Maker is the best compost tea brewer hands down. We have used other brewers and the Microbe Maker definitely has more diversity in the beneficial bacteria and fungal species. You guys rock!”


Bryan Basinger
Super Roots Hydroponics
Fresno, CA



“I've been gardening for many years now. I've used just about every brand of plant food available and never experienced such positive results as I have with Microbe Maker compost tea & Earth Recharge.”


Tim Teall



“The compost tea is working incredible; it does everything you guys say and then some! Everyone who uses it says they are getting stellar results and it is an absolute game changer 


I have people that come into my store that have been growing for 25 years; they tell me they have never seen growing results as quick as they have, by using your compost tea.  Thank you Microbe Makers!”


Michael E.
Pure Hydroponics
Canoga Park, CA



“Love the Microbe Maker. Will pay for itself quicker than we thought. Sales are GREAT!”


Rocky Tornabene, CO
Rocky-N-Brents Horticulture Supply LLC



We have been learning about minerals and microbiology as a company for a number of years and your company has done a great job at organizing and simplifying the information for newbie as well as people that have been farming their entire lives!

When we first received the Perpetual Microbe Maker and brewed up our first batch we put it on some tomato plants we have been having a hard time to start putting out flowers because of the cool weather we have been having.  After the first feed the next morning 3 plants had flowers. 


The tea increased the range the plants could hold flowers. That is the only thing that makes sense to us. Throughout the week as we continued to feed the tomato plants they all started to put out full flowers!

We have NEVER had this much success with test plants, thank you!


Mark and Joey
Perfect Gardens
Salinas, CA



"The Microbe Maker system, along with the nutrient line, works outstanding. I have seen a 50 percent increase in yield, 25 percent less watering and I have saved thousands. I have gone from spending $2,500 dollars in a harvest to spending $3,000 in a year using the Microbe Maker. 


The growth and plants performance from using the Microbe Maker system is unheard of. I will put it to all growers this way - if you’re not growing using these nutrients and this brewer you’re not growing the right way - period.” 


Dan H., CA
Vivid Elements



“The Microbe Maker is impressive.  Every customer that has walked in has turned their head to look at it. I have a lot of confidence in this brewer.  We put it in the front window.  It will draw a lot of attention.  Thanks for all your help!”

Kai Brodersen
Superior Growers



“We have been distributing your compost tea from the Microbe Maker, and the feedback from customers has been exceptional; the plant response has been incredible, and the personal use is great.  


I had a guy come back in telling me a story about how his wife took his compost tea from him, and used it on all of her house plants.  It worked so great he came back in asking for more in a larger volume.”


Rob Martin
Southside Garden Supply
Anchorage, AK



“In the short time that I have been using this compost tea, I am finding that the results seem to be quite amazing. The vegetables are lush, vibrant and very healthy and what I find most remarkable is that when I eat primarily from my garden, the processed food cravings that I have had, are almost entirely absent. My conclusion which is not really a new one at all is that the food from the store is severely lacking in nutrition.





“I love your products and I love supporting your company. I work at the Urban Garden Center in Brewer, ME, so I am able to purchase your inputs there for use in my market garden. I used Progressive Farms inputs on my garden all summer long and I saw noticeable improvements in plant health, vigor, disease resistance, appearance, shelf life and most importantly taste. 


My wife and I harvested well over a ton of produce from 900 square feet of growing area, which we ate fresh, processed for our consumption later, or sold to a couple local stores and restaurants. 


I can attest to the power of the Microbe Maker tea. I have a degree in Sustainable Ag from the University of Maine, and I have aligned my gardening/farming techniques with Biodynamic, Soil Food Web, and Permaculture principles from the beginning.


I have been brewing various recipes of  aerated compost tea for almost a decade now and the power of recipe ingredients combined with the power of the Microbe Maker is unmatched  by anything else I have tried. 


I constantly turn people on to Progressive Farms at the Urban Garden Center and I would love to send some pictures of my garden next time I get a chance.


All the other products they sell are amazing!   Thanks for having such a great company and helping people heal as many acres of land as you have!” 


Tyler Omand
Brewster, ME



"I had a customer come in and had nutrient burn, stunted growth. I suggested to him to use the Microbe Maker Compost Tea to flush out his plants as I did the same with my in store display. I told him to do half of his plants with the Microbe Maker Compost Tea and the other half with a leaching solution. 


He used the Microbe Maker Compost tea on all his plants and saw new growth in 5 days. He was so astonished with how healthy his plants got after using the tea. I now have a new customer for life and he could not be any happier with the tea. Thanks for helping me instill trust in my customer base with a truly great product."


The Grow Stop
Waterford, Michigan



“At Tidal Creek, we were purchasing our wheatgrass from a company in Florida. We would receive flats that were often inconsistent in color, much of the time getting an unattractive yellow grass.  Through the use of Progressive Farms Earth Tonic we were able produce a significantly better product, locally, and provide it at the same price. 


When we first made the switch we would have customers amazed at the taste difference. Many times people refused the Florida based company's grass in this transition, until we could eventually phase them out. 


Our wheatgrass is now grown a quarter of a mile away, our customers constantly praise the flavor, and we feel that the nutrient density is higher due to the direct care we know that is being given. We have been thankful to have Progressive Farms Earth Tonic provide us with a superior and locally grown product.” 


Brad Moreland
Tidal Creek
Wilmington, NC



"I've had my Microbe Maker and ingredients from Progressive Farms for about 5 months now.  Just having the unit in my store is fantastic.  The looks of it alone draws my clientele towards it, and they always want to know what it is and how it works.  


It has brought a ton of customer interaction between myself and my regular shoppers.  The compost tea in a box kits are great for do-it-yourselfers, and we can't keep them in stock.  Since brewing our own tea in house, we have generated a lot of foot traffic that would normally have not stopped in a hydroponics store.  


And once they are here, I can show them all the other extensive product selections we carry.  My customers love the tea we brew and sell for a reasonable price.  I constantly get strong feedback about how much better their plants look, how much more pest resistant they are, as well as unlocking their plants growing potential since using the Microbe Maker Compost Tea.  


It's a no brainer, every hydroponics store needs a Microbe Maker. Thanks Progressive Farms for putting out an awesome product and standing by it 100%."


Brian Tromly
I Love Hydroponics
Virginia Beach, VA



“We have used the Microbe Maker on every crop that we have put into the field since we got it, and it results in a significantly more vital plant. 


This past season we grew seed corn for our ducks and guinnea’s in raised beds and the plants were perfect and 13’ tall! We work with several farmers and in spraying corn and soybeans the plants receiving the compost tea were typically a full 1’ taller than the control plants. 


We're also using it on our vermicompost operation that went from a 90 day cycle to 30 days with the addition of the compost tea from the Microbe Maker. The results are amazing.” 


Tim Cantrell
Cantrell Worm Farm
Murray, KY



“I wanted to let you know how thrilled I am with the Microbe Maker compost tea system.  It saved me $1,000 and revitalized my 12-foot privet hedge. Our hedge provides the only privacy between our patio and our neighbor’s deck. This summer the leaves suddenly began to curl, wither and drop off leaving the hedge almost bare in spots.  


We were told by a tree care company that the hedge had a rust mite and needed to be treated with a chemical pesticide. They recommended at least two sprayings at $500 per treatment with several chemical pesticides that could be harmful to birds, butterflies and insects.  


The thought of spraying pesticide on the entire hedge, which is adjacent to the table where we eat almost every night during the summer, was not making us very happy. So we followed your suggestion and poured compost tea from our brewer into the soil beneath the hedge and sprayed it on the leaves.   


We were amazed to find that the hedge came back to life within weeks and is now so healthy that we have had to trim it!  I also use the compost tea regularly in my perennial garden, and the flowers love it.  


Thanks for recommending a healthy alternative to pesticides that also saved us a lot of money.”


Jane Finalborgo
Southampton, NY



"My small business is selling the highest quality gardening products on earth.  My standards are exceeding high so that my customer is assured of quality plant growth from seedling to harvest.  I research products thoroughly before they hit the store, and I have found a golden winner in Progressive Farms


Their products meet and exceed my strict standards for advancing plant growth.  But, it goes even further with great deals, friendly superior customer service, and the highest professionalism.  


I highly recommend Progressive Farms to growers and retailers everywhere."


Jason Beam
Potting Blocks
Monroe, OR



“Progressive Farms is by far our favorite organic nutrient company.  We have worked with lots of vendors of brewers and different teas, but these vendors are not even in the same realm as Progressive Farms.


After they told me we could give away samples of the Microbe Maker compost tea we make, my customer base grew by forty percent.  This stuff is so good that you can give away a bottle to every customer you have, and only ask them to tell a friend and they will. 


I recommend Progressive Farms to other garden stores.  I even send them samples so they can see how wonderful this product line is. It practically sells itself. 


My store sells more Progressive Farms products than we sell of any other nutrient line.  With the Microbe Maker you can make compost tea from the Earth Compound, Earth Recharge and Earth Tonic. 


Hydroponic stores and growers can now afford to go completely organic, like I had hoped to one day. I am now able to make hydro-organics a reality, where before no matter what system I used, I couldn't make it affordable for anything I ate. 


Plant a garden with Progressive Farms products so you can heal your body, your family, your pocketbook, your water and your community.  Progressive Farms produces a product that isn't only better for your garden, but it’s better for your bio region as well.  


I highly recommend you grow organically, and use nutrients from a company that is as environmentally conscious as Progressive Farms.” 


Victory Gardens
Tacoma, WA



“I'm a 1st year brewer, and have enjoyed a fabulous garden this year; my bees loved it too!

My testimonial is with a few Nine Bark Schrubs I had that for the last 3 seasons would show new growth, then bend, get white mildew on them, and literally crisp and looked burned. My landscaper said we'd have to pull them out, but i applied about 4 treatments of compost tea over the summer months. Each month there was tremendous improvement, and coming into our late fall, they look like they'll survive. I'm convinced that next spring will bring them back to their full beauty like some others that I have in another part of the landscape. Thank You - Thank You. I love being a Microbe Maker gardener


Paulette Minatre
Rathdrum, ID


“What can I say other than WOW! I bought 2 tomato plants at the local Home Depot as seedlings. I put one in a plastic pot with Fox Farm potting soil. And I put the other in a root pot with the SAME Fox Farm soil and Microbe Maker compost tea.As they started to grow I gave the plastic pot tomato just water out of the hose. And I gave the root pot tomato 5.6 pH water and Microbe Maker compost tea just once a week plus a grow nutrient. You can see the difference between them and so can my customer. 


The plants speak for themselves and the picture shows the proof.  Thank you for such a great product!”


Autumn Taylor
Arizona Hydroponics



“I am noticing GREAT results.  I have never seen as drastic results as I have by using your compost tea.”


Erika E.
Sarasota, FL



“After many years of practicing professional agriculture, both indoors and outdoors, I have come to observe that all the work I have done to try and "figure out" how to "grow" crops has been worthless.

The Truth, as I have found, is that truly great agricultural systems are based on natural processes which have existed long before mankind domesticated plants for food.

I no longer try and "figure out" nature, I observe and try to support its dynamic processes. I don't "grow" plants, growing is what they naturally do, I simply help them when they need it.

As farmers working in a controlled environment we adopt MOST of this ideology, but fall short - way short. Although we have reproduced sunlight, nutrition, soil structure, airflow, temperature, humidity, and many other observable variables in a simulated growing environment; we continue to neglect the most important; the unobservable.

In my experience it is these unobservable forces of nature that separate the men from the boys. It is the dynamic processes of nature that have shaped plants and people for millions of years that represent the TRUE variables in a simulated growing environment.

The Microbe Maker and its accompanying BioDynamic inputs have changed all of that. By creating a highly concentrated "Tea" which contains a cross-section of the billions of micro-organisms present in a healthy "living" soil, growers can now truly recreate a natural sustainable simulated growing environment.

The Facts are: Plants DO NOT eat organic material, (this includes kelp, guano, castings, sugars, carbohydrates, and other complex organic materials). Micro-organisms however DO.

We see results from simply adding organic material to a simulated growing environment because it causes a boom in micro-organism activity, and a corresponding boom in plant available nutrients which are byproducts of these micro-organism processes.

The Microbe Maker allows us to "grow" colonies containing billions of balanced organism who have developed a beneficial Symbiotic relationship with plants over millions of years.

When we feed these organisms organic material (kelp, guano, castings, sugars, carbohydrates, and other complex organic materials) they multiply. When added to a simulated growing environment, the micro-organisms' byproducts provide plants their food in the many diverse ways that have led to successful sustainable agriculture for thousands of years.

The Microbe Maker IS the "Missing Link" for farmers throughout the world. We can now harness and manage the untouchable power of nature that our ancestors have known about and relied upon for centuries.

Personally I look forward to further studying and understanding the power of the "Organisms of Sustainable Agriculture" which are being systematically destroyed by traditional agriculture. It is not a new chemical fertilizer or pesticide or GMO that will save humanity from ourselves, but a greater respect for God's creation and our stewardship role here on Earth.

Ryan Rowinski
Crop & Soil Scientist, Urban Farmer
Detroit, MI



“We love the tea! Your advice was great. I started at 1:20 ratio and finished around 1:30 in a 100g res. with a flood and drain set up on two 4x8 trays. I changed the res every 7 days with my full mix then added the tea and to my surprise no slime, no stink, no buildup! I have been an indoor hydroponic gardener for the last 10 years I used lots of organic neuts and always had funk of some kind. 


As for the final results WOW bigger, better flavor, better aroma, and so healthy! I have no proof that it is because of the tea but I have struggled with a pest called a drain fly for the past three harvest. They always show up around week five with no signs of them till then. They are manageable but I haven't seemed to be able to eliminate them. Now with the use of the tea I have seen no signs of them and the room just finished nine weeks. Thanks for all the help!”


Rich Blaisdell
Pharmer Hydroponics
Aloha, OR


“A customer of mine bought a Microbe Maker Compost Tea System this summer.


He was literally beside himself with joy as he watched his garden grow. All he would say when he visited the store was "Noah, you just wouldn't believe it. The plants are growing so fast, the cabbage is so big...etc., etc., yada yada." This same gentleman also grows indoors, under lights, in an ebb/flow system. I commented offhandedly one day that he should try the tea in his reservoir. I gave no recommendations on HOW to incorporate it. 


On his own, he decided to eliminate reservoir changes entirely, while using the tea. Rather than the religious two-week changes, he simply topped his reservoir with ph balanced nutrients. Every time he topped it, he would throw in a gallon of Microbe Maker Compost Tea. Two months, no reservoir change. 


My first question was how much sediment and slime built up? 


Answer: None! Cleanest reservoir ever, with no sediment or salt rings! 


Also, stronger, whiter roots, without the use of a separate enzyme product. 


And the yield, I asked? Best ever.


He told me something that is simply remarkable. He said he used 75% less water and nutrients!


And then, the most important question of all – How was the flavor? Well, let's just say that one of his lady friends (a total organic snob like me, who wouldn't touch hydro produce if her life depended on it) said it was not only good hydro, but GOOD PERIOD. 


Trust me folks, that's praise from the top.”


Noah Fecteau
Urban Garden Center
Brewer, Maine